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23 May

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Chitti and Sumesh’s introduction to blogging

18 May

We found this video to be very interesting.

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18 May

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How to make your Marketing dollar work more – The Art of Conversations

8 Oct

When I think of marketing, I see at least three areas where marketing needs to impact to be effective.

Make Effective Online Marketing Contents, Collaterals, and Web sites

What if I make a beautiful mousetrap and they never show up? But what if they show up and find that your mousetrap is not what they wanted. Or if they find that people who sell these mousetraps are not-friendly.

Everyone is working in Marketing

What if I make a beautiful mousetrap and they never show up? But what if they show up and find that your mousetrap is not what they wanted. Or if they find that people who sell these mousetraps are not-friendly.

Some good conversation starters

Conversations about the company in the customer and prospect’s world. What are they talking about? Why are they talking about it? How am I affected by it?

Good if you are part of conversations. Excellent if these conversations are favorable towards you. Worst if you are not part of any of these fierce conversations.

Think about possibilities that a positive product review can release on your market.

What if you could influence these conversations. Shape the discussion in the conversation-space.

using marketing – strategy

Good news is that a lot of people have been thinking about these issues and we are not alone.

Here is a list of a few resources that can get you started- Marketing’s Role: Dispatches from the field.

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Sustainable Product Design

5 Aug

How to design sustainable Products?

I am interested in sustainable product design. I encountered a good resources on designing sustainable products, well here it is for your green pleasure. It is from Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and design and innovation firm IDEO, Aligned for Sustainable Design: An A-B-C-D Approach to Making Better Products. The objective of this report is to educate companies about how to create internal and external alignments that will allow them to achieve their sustainable design goals. But first….

Why design sustainable products?

At least one of the reasons is cost. Companies are already made to pay for recycling these products. Soon consumers will also pay for their waste. For example, recently in Toronto the city has started charging the building owners for the waste they produce. City is encouraging the building managers to do more recycling.

In the past one really do not have to care about which box you through your coffee cup in, waste or recycling. But now you must care.

Product Life-Cycle and Product Re-Cycle

A good product designer must think about all aspects of a product life cycle. May be we have think of products not in terms of cradle to grave, but rather from Cradle to Cradle.

Talking about what matters to you.

7 May

Its been a little while since my last post. I have been up to quite a lot. Here are some of these:

  1. Comedy Improv
  2. Product Management
  3. Contact Improv
  4. Capoeira
  5. Usability of things
  6. Walks around the High Park
  7. Influence Strategies

Be visible or invisible, that is the question

13 Jan

The other day when I was going to work in the morning, I noticed a very interesting thing. A girl was crossing the road. Right before her a man crossed the road and went on the other side. The walk sign was blinking and counting numbers in backward order to let the pedestrians know how much time to cross the street. 

I noticed that the girl took slightly longer to cross the road than the man, though she appeared to be younger than him.

It appeared that she wanted this time, where all the people stopped on the red signal to see her. She wanted to be visible. while the man before her just wanted to cross the road and get out of the way of people. It appears that he wanted to invisible, offering least difference to the routines of other people.

I began wondering. so how much of our desire to visible or not can affect our behavior. How much of that reward or deny us the bounties of life?

More I thought about it more it became obvious that the desire to be invisible is as much in existence as much is the desire to be visible. Rather it appears that desire to be invisible is more prevalent. Or should I dare say that some groups appear to be more wanting the visibility and hence their behaviors adjust accordingly.

If I can blanket apply my observations then here are few generalized statements:

  • Some cultures appear to desire invisibility
  • Some cultures don’t mind either
  • some cultures will risk everything to be visible

This desire of visibility or lack of it can then show itself in various places.

visible or not

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