Writer, Journalist, Traveler, Khoji

27 Aug

In essence life is a journey. Poets told us, writer wrote about it and singer sang. That makes me a traveler, a journey man,  a wanderer. This journey of ours is never a smooth ride; bumps here and rocks there; obstacles here and falls there. Its like a never-ending maze; its like for-ever-running river.

Once a man was talking to his master-a wise man with years of experience behind and centuries of vision ahead. “So what is this life like?” asked the simple man. “Its like a running river,” master replied, “the purpose of the traveler is go through rocks and trees, green bushes to lotus flowers, blocking rocks to tiny pebbles, just like water. Flow through it.”

“If a rock is too stubborn then the water must slowly cut it but in the meantime it must pass around it, seep below it, cross over it. So the journey of life is to be traveled, flowing like water.”, said the master.

Flow like water. 


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