Flash (in) Journalism

14 Sep

Few days ago I bumped into Mindy McAdams blog. She is somewhat the person I want to be like. Journalist, teacher, worldly, cutting edge and sharing. Her online journalism site is my start page on Firefox browser. She has a very good content for a person like me and in a very organized way, you can admire her skill as journalist by just finding how easy it is to read it.

I ordered her book from Amazon.ca, Flash Journalism. I am going to follow the book religiously from start to end. So i am hoping to learn good deal about Flash, Journalism and Interactive Communication. It just fits in to my passion-skill-set. I will call it Passionset, again copyrighted, just kidding.

Book is here, student is ready, mind is clear, only thing now I need is energy and focus. So less on Starbucks and more on Kashmiri green tea.


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