Path to creative-dom: Team Up

14 Sep

I know it should have been obvious, but what can I say, I did not seeped into me before.

Here is how it started happening. I went to BarCamp Toronto and saw so many people willing to seek suggestions on their issues and an equal number who are willing to offer help as well. So I guess, in a way, my inner voice stopped and I found it amusing and fun to think of a new reality: I don’t need to know everything to get something meaningful done. I can ask for advice and help and people will help.

The whole idea is still fresh. It yet had to go through positive reinforcements of many a time. Only then it will become part of new me. So, more at unconscious level, I never asked for help, may be I thought its not OK to appear needy. May be I was afraid of giving that necessary importance to myself, that I postponed for many years. May be giving importance to yourself is somewhat selfish. Or may be giving importance to others gives instant gratification.

Whatever might be it. Lets call it “it”.

So now during the day or late at night. The neural network of past disconnects and connects with newer nodes in my head. Suddenly there are new insights, new visions, new possibilities. I remained mesmerized for few moments and then the process-person mind of mine goes into googling. I go on Internet and search the same mass of world of information with newer contexts. Voila, voila and an other voila. I see totally new set of people, somewhere doing work on that insight of mine.

Breaking old networks is crucial to building new networks. What if i tried this? What if do that? What if I dont try to do everything myself and team-up?

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