Queen West | Art Crawl

17 Sep

I attended the Queen West Art Crawl festival yesterday. I am impressed by the talent of various artists. There were paintings, photographs, sculptures, textiles, prints and mixed media.

I see these wonderful artists and I spoke to some of them. They share the thought behind their work and their passions. But a strange feeling I got from talking to most of them: They are struggling.

It could be that Art Crawl attracted relatively new artists, hence they are struggling. Or is it general Toronto style : Trying to be something while still not ready-enough or big-enough. It would be interesting to see how artists are in other cities in Canada and US or in the world.

Do artists always struggle?

Is struggle a part of the feeling we seek when we chose to be an artist while we could very well be, say, an accountant? Is struggling artist is a reality created by our own desires? Is it part of creative process – struggling?

I am getting these thoughts on the basis of a simple theory that all of these artists could market their skills in various similar areas and hence make a decent living while still producing good art. Say for example a photographer can work freelance for an ad agency or a painter can learn flash skills.

I saw Katherine Bassett’s work displayed at a local Starbucks and she also has a website as well. Interestingly she also does the commissions (i.e. work for other people). I have never met her, don’t know her, but my connection is simple Starbucks > her website > mention in my blog.

May be a bit of lateral thinking could help.

Thanks Sacha for telling me about this event, I promise never to be late again, ever.


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