Paris Hilton a Marketing guru – ete

19 Sep

Is Paris Hilton a marketing platform? Well that’s what chartreuse‘s blog suggested; just like YouTube and Paris Hilton is a marketing platform. Any product associated with her gets benefits and to protect their interest they encourage her success.

Here is what the guys who wrote the book Marketing Playbook: Taking the mystery out of marketing have to say about platform play:

In this Marketing Play you generally choose to ignore the competition, or even coopt them. Instead you win by becoming a Platform from which a whole industry can win too. You win by making it easy and profitable for others to ally with you and painful for them to let you loose.

OK, too much marketing. Back to Paris Hilton. Now when Paris Hilton talks about a product in her “Paris style” outbreaks, she is acting as a platform. The product gets free publicity and I am sure this favor never gets unnoticed.

My dears, to be a platform player one needs not be as famous as Paris Hilton. My friend Sacha is a university student with access to Hundreds of professionals- teachers, peers, networks, mentors, guest speakers. She can connect with these professionals one at a time. She is a platform.

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    […] By the way in the marketing world we call this a Platform play. And here are more details about how Paris is a platform play. […]

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