Ryan Knighton: An interesting blind man

20 Sep

I just finished reading Ryan Knighton’s memoir Cockeyed. I am totally impressed, utterly educated and amazed. The man has unbelievable talent with words, images (yes images) and metaphors. He has seen things that we sighted can not even see.

To tell you my favorite, he described how people react when they see a person with white cane. Some jump as if they have seen a spider. Others will freeze, oh yes, freeze. The only third type is who passes around the blind person like water through rocks – smoothly.

He is a teacher, journalist, broadcaster and god knows what else. The book is fun to read. Yes, he is blind or getting blind (he still has 1% sight left in his eyes), but he is a hell of a fun writer. 

His book has helped me see blindness in a new light. I am no more shying away from blind persons any more but rather I go and chat with them. And yes, Ryan when I talk to them I do mention their names, not just “hey, so what you think of weather today.”

Ryan, keep on writing.


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