Marketing nirvana

21 Sep

A marketer’s dream: Customers telling you how they buy your products. A marketer’s nirvana: Customers helping other customers buy your products. is attempting at marketing nirvana. 

Have you written a product review at lately? Amazon is asking its visitors to help other readers search for their favorite books (or other products).

Recently I reviewed my favorite book; Cockeyed by Ryan Knighton. The first thing amazon asked me was to give some “search words” that people might use to get to Ryan Knighton’s book. Next I was asked to write the “relevance” of search words and book. Say if I chose search words “modern biography” then in the relevance section I might say “Ryan is 33 year man living in Vancouver, so its a biography of a young journalist, writer”.

With this review I provided search keywords and context for buying this book. An extremely important piece of information.

Someone else might read this book for a totally different reason (context). Here are few I can think of: 

  • Ryan Knighton is a great author
  • Ryan Knighton is a blind author
  • Ryan Knighton’s biography though universal has a Canadian flavor to it
  • Cockeyed is funny like hell and Ryan is very observant; so it is fun read.
  • It could be a good biography reference book for university/college students
  • It promotes sensitivity and awareness towards blindness

You can see there might be unlimited contexts in which a single book is read and each reviewer can capture that. If on an average a book is reviewed, say, by five readers. Then we have five distinct contexts in which this book is used.

A reader who is interested to buy “modern biography” which is “fun to read”, normally may not bump into Cockeyed, but thanks to my search words, she will.

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