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27 Sep

I am reading the book  and loving it. It is simple to read and speaks in a language that I like.  Convergent Journalism an Introduction

It tells you what to keep in mind, when using different media: print, radio, TV, or Internet. Media choice should be based on most effective way to tell a story.  

Some journalism books, when they approach new media, appear to be defensive. As if they are trying to keep away the precious “journalism” from these “impure” technologies. Not this book.

If journalism is an art (craft) then print, TV, radio, Internet, blogs and god-knows-what-next are simply media. If blogging follows journalistic principles then its journalism.

May be the bloggers and journalists can learn a thing or two from each other. One can teach the art of storytelling and the other can share the secrets of interactive technologies.

In the words of , the most famous blogger, “It’s an interesting time.”

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