Screw It, Let’s Do It : Richard Branson’s mantra

27 Sep

Often we neglect important life lessons from successful persons by just thinking “oh he is just plain lucky”. Richard Branson is one heck of a lucky fellow. But his luck is more than being at the right place at the right time. He looks at life, differently.

One thing you can see in his adventures is well, adventure. He has failed many times but jumped right back. This alone is an amazing quality. It really takes a lot to come back, it takes belief, it takes courage and it is not easy. Failure can hurt confidence and can creep back into our thoughts in a blink.

What do I like about this book? I will tell you a story from the book. Richard’s aunt bets him 100 Pound, if he can swim. His mother and dad all were witness to this challenge. When Richard eventually swims in the river, winning the bet. His mother greets him by saying. “I knew you could do it.’

Now lets play a time-traveler game. Lets travel back in your life to a time when you faced a challenge, no matter how small, but a challenge. Now lets imagine if you were greeted by the same words “I knew you could do it.” Imagine what it would changed in you- then and now.

Richard is sure lucky, but his luck is also having a wise mom. She knew the true meanings of nurture. When to love and when to let the man face the world.

You will love this small book. Read what others are saying about it.

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