Do you tube?

12 Oct

Are we at the beginning of another bubble again? Or is it the start of a true Web 2.0 evolution.


If I have to put my bets, then I will side with evolution of newer Internet companies. Users are the revolution. They create content, share it, comment on it, and play the role of a society. 

Put an interesting ad on YouTube and it will be treated just like another video. If it gets into user’s interest circle then it is circulated. Users don’t care its an ad; what they care is whether its fun, entertaining, and worth spending their 60 seconds.

If you put a content that is not of interest to this newer community of users. It will voted down, not shared, and eventually pushed towards the bottom.

Its time for a changed look at how we market.

May be we need to pull out some books on how tribes work, how societies grow, and how communities behave.

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