the bathroom talk..

13 Oct

Imagine you are a brand manager for a tummy-relief (constipation) medicine. What is the best place to remind your target audience about your product?

…..Just plain paper towel

keep thinking.




Here is what you might have come up with.

  • A health related magazine
  • Daily Newspaper
  • A trade promotion material at a pharmacy or doctor’s office

You are close, if you thought any of the above or similar. You rationale is simple.

  • Treatment: Where do people go for treatment when they have constipation? Doctors office or pharmacy, so putting a display ad there will help.
  • Place: What people do when they are in bathroom? Spend a lot of time; they read newspaper and hence your ad in there.

All these methods work but not very effective. Here is what works the best.




Put an ad in the bathroom.

Tell the customer about your product when he is in “shit’.

Put the ad on that toilet paper container.Tissue with Ad Put an ad on the toilet paper.


You think its too smelly, not clean, not going to work. Think again.

It works.

It works.


Companies in Italy have done that many years ago. They placed their ads on the back of the bathroom door. What a place? What a dedicated communion with the customer. One to one talk. They are not distracted and have nothing else to do but to read your ad. Even the legal disclaimers.


Can you think any other product that can be advertised there?

Let me help.

Think bathrooms in hotels, restaurants, clubs, and highway rest stops. Think big churches, big stadiums, train stations, and airports. 

What you can advertise there?

Think about the place.

Bathrooms ads are so unique. You don’t need to worry about the gender of your reader? You know it. Lipstick and your butt

Bathrooms ads are so unique. You know where your ads will be seen. So if your ad is at airport you know what your audience is doing there -traveling. So to tell them about duty free shop, the amazing places to visit in town or may be international calling cards.T-Mobile


Interesting. Isn’t it?

So bathroom is not that stinky place after all. 

I love T-Mobile.


Here is another smart marketing technique: Love, SMS, and a big white board.







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