Dead sheep, eggs, and Ararat

15 Oct

When a small town loses its employers, its youth moves away. What remains behind is the town’s past, its traditions.

like the Ark

It becomes an example of sad.

Death of a country town

But not always.

Not, if the town decides not to let it happen.

Not, if the people get together.




Keep it going. Struggle, think, do, improvise.

The Turnaround


May be another miss.

Think, do, improvise.

Ah! a hit. Success.

Another small success, here.

A small success, there.

Another here.

We are back. Life is back. Town is back.

the Bush Spirit

Evolved, strong, and better.

This is the story of a small .

Beautifully told by Mark Shea of Overlander.

What’s your Ararat?

Did you evolve lately?

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One Response to “Dead sheep, eggs, and Ararat”

  1. overlandertv May 9, 2007 at 1:01 pm #

    thanks for the kind words


    Mark Shea

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