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17 Oct

I have this friend who is a voracious reader, an A student, and very articulate in quoting great work. When it comes to coming up with some new ideas when there is no help available, he just gets stuck. Manuals, books, guides, or some adviser has to be there.

He is just a great searcher. In the words of my grandfather he is a Parrot – knows words but does not know what they mean.


 rani the parrot



I think then knowledge has two parts, first I will call know and second apply.

Learning to swim is an example where learning involves both knowing & applying that knowledge.

Applying what you know to a situation where it has not been applied before will expand (discomfort in start) your brain’s apply side and experience from that will add to your know side.

Learning from one area and applying in other. Sort of using analogies. Sort of using metaphors. Sort of improv. Sort of …..driving without a destination (and then discovering a theme in your escapades.)


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