Your love and this big electronic board

1 Nov

You know she is the one. You know its right time.  Then go ahead my man, propose her.

But you want to make it memorable; you want her to be “swept away”; you want to make it big.

You are standing in the middle of Time Square in New York, with your girlfriend. 

You guys see huge electronic board with interesting messages. “Rock is here”, “Vote for Pedro”.

will you marry me?

You pretend as if you are checking time on your cellphone. You type a text message, “Madonna, Will you marry me? – Jason”, and press send. 

You waite. You keep on looking on this huge electronic board, with interesting messages. Your girlfriend is reading and enjoying those funny messages.

And then it shows up.

Madonna, Will you marry me? – Jason

She read it out loud, without really thinking.


She turns into red, pink, beautiful thing she is. Hopefully you turn into some sort of red shade too (hint: you must).

And then …..then the moment you have been waiting for.

“Yes, Jason I will marry you.” she says. 

Ah, the love is in the air. ….

Made possible by a big board in Time Square and your wireless provider. You SMS the big board and it will be displayed in next 30 seconds. Cost per message, lets say 20 dollar per message. She agreed to marry YOU, priceless.  

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