Marketing genie will grant you wishes

15 Nov

If a marketing and branding expert finds a magic lamp. Do you know what will be first question he will ask the genie?




keep thinking.

Here is a cheat sheet. Look at the items that bother them the most. Look at the most important item on their agendas. Go ahead, try again.




If you guessed market demand, product suitability, competition etc then you are close but … here is what most of the marketer will love to ask the genie.

 “What the customers want?”

 Sad that we don’t have the magic lamp or the genie. All we have our wonderful products and, if we are lucky, scattered customers.


But we still need the answer to this question.

What the customers want?


Now lets try to answer the same question but this time without a genie. Here are few ideas we can look into.

  • Talking to our existing customers. Asking them why are they with us and what would keep them with us. Asking them what interest them in the market other than our product.
  • Observing what customers buy, getting actual numbers on what they buy and details about the transaction. Where they buy?
  • Watching trends. Seeing what is changing in our customer’s world. Are they adopting some new technology? Are they following a certain ideology? Is there some newer issues on their plate?
  • Study competitors. Keep an eye on them, may be they met the genie. May be they got the answer.
  • Meditate. Yes, its right: meditate. Sit still and relax, breath in and breath out. Sometimes the best way to connect is to first disconnect.




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