Thinking Accent, what is it?

18 Nov

Stand at the corner of a street in New York, London, or Toronto and observe a collage of humanity. Each individual represents a unique culture, values, history, and society. They perceive world from their perspective.A statement like, “You are such a pig!” may be a friendly tease to a Nova Scotia native but the same would be an insult to someone with Middle Eastern roots. One person might tell you intimate personal details to a simple greetings like, “How are you today?”, while other may just say, “fine.” What is the right response? Why would you even expect that?It appears that all of us have a unique thinking style or a thinking accent.   Rui Umezawa, a communication expert at the Japanese Embassy in Toronto and the author of a novel Truth about Death and Dying explains his mother’s thinking accent by offering a recent incident. His mother was born in Japan but has been living in North America for last 40 years and she recently bought a condominium in Toronto. When the real estate agency handed over the possession, there was still some unfinished work. “Mother had to take a deep breath before she said OK,” Umezawa said. “In Japan, a developer would never hand over keys before a condominium is fully completed. One would think that in 40 years she might have acclimatized to local business practices. I guess she is still very Japanese inside.”   Before we can understand others we need to understand ourselves. Here are few ways to identify one’s own thinking accent.

This post is part of a series: Thinking Accent. This series is an attempt to explore the existence of our unique thinking style, which we lovingly call here as thinking accent, in each of us. First step was an overview of thinking accent, next is the identification of our own accent and last identifying others. You might say, “why should I care about thinking accent?”. Well, honestly you must. Like old sage advise, “look not only what is being said but also who is saying it.”. It is the “look who is saying” part that has a flavor of unique thinking accents.


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