Tribes, come join mine

30 Nov

What is your tribe?

You are missing a lot if you only think of a tribe as a genetic group. Nope, its much more than that.

Here are few tribes.

Harvard Business School’s tribe.

Oxford is a tribe.

MIT’s tribe.

North of border, we have Ivey’s tribe.

Schulich’s tribe.

What about advertising industry as a tribe.

What about technology companies as a tribe.

A tribe of European bikers

StarBucks customers – Are they a tribe?

Harley Davidson owner’s are a tribe, we know that but what about Jeep Wrangler owners. Oh yeah, they are a tribe. Drive in a wrangler and you will see how many jeep owners wave at you.

Baseball team fans – Are they a tribe?

Mac owners are a tribe. Sure they will go at length to even sip coffee at Mac-mindset-alike place. (translate: anti-establishment, creative-type, geeky-with-soul)

Is there any difference between these tribes and old tribes? Are we proud of our associations with these tribes? Are we protective of our associations?

Close, preserving, and conservative cultures seem more of tribal nature than aggressive ones. Canada is more tribal than US, but less tribal than UK, and Australia.

You don’t even know some of these tribes until you are up against one.

So, now here is the question? Would you like to join my tribe?


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