Pandora of harmony

6 Dec

Ever wonder how a band creates its unique “sound” or what makes a particular song so distinctive?

My favorite online radio,, has created a free series of short recordings (also available as podcasts) to give an inside look at the techniques musicians use to put their signature on the music they write and perform.

Griddle at Pandora

I am in awe for this wonderful, new feature they have added. 

What a smart add-on!

What a great add-on to their already great product – a glue for a true community building.

Take a note you all – web 2.0 enthusiasts, marketing managers, brand managers, music buffs, and owners of (stupid) miles programs at various companies. This is a a way to build a community.

Listen to, listen to musicians tricks and techniques podcast.




One Response to “Pandora of harmony”

  1. chrisfiore5 January 2, 2007 at 4:33 pm #

    just a random hit, dilawar… hope you have a great new year. peace.

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