Doctor of Business

25 Jun

Have you ever gone through your life’s plan by dividing them into one year, or five years plan. I did just that.

So what is the best approach to see into future with all the knowledge of today. How to predict about in and about this dynamic environment – you, and your environment all will change over a course of next few months.

Here is what I came up with.

  1. I love to teach, coach, facilitate, and advise. I could do that all while having coffee with friends and be labeled as “talk-wanting” person. I can otherwise do it in an appropriate environment of university, on appropriate subjects, with appropriate focus, and have very appropriate outcome. So while talking in coffee shop, I decided that I am better of going “doctor”. So a doctorate it is.
  2. Hands on business expertise. I want to be a successful entrepreneur. I want to have hands-on experience of actual products, launches, successes, failures, learning, and stories. So having a business is the way to go. So a business it is.
  3. Write or Speak. Magazines, online, offline, video, podcasts, video podcasts, blogs, etc. So blog it is.
  4. Experience – countries, cities, cultures, experiences, people, issues. Italy here I come.
  5. Live with passion. Passion it is. 





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