GPS your friends in to Facebook

4 Jul

Are you thinking about building a cool product for iPhone? Are you thinking about building a Facebook application on iPhone?

What about if we use iPhone’s GPS capabilities with Facebook application. So next time when you meet someone on the street you can see their profile on your iPhone, just because you are in the same location and you both have decided to accept “Add Friends” request on your iPhone.

Makes you think, right? Good. Now here is another idea.

Live Expense Tracker- an application idea for iPhone.

I use my bank card a lot to pay for things. I am often surprised to find out my balance when and if I look at it. I would like to see my expense/cash status in realtime.  That can allow me to make only needed purchases.

iPhone Application idea:

Build an iPhone application that allows to track expenses and real-time synchs it with cash in my checking account. You may incorporate iPhone’s GPS capabilities into it – for example track where the purchase was made – location etc.

Do you know in some countries you can use your cell phone instead of a credit card?

How to get new product/application ideas?

A good technique to to find what might happen next is to look at the slightly advance markets, in our case its European cell phone market.


Sources for new ideas

Look at these cool companies with some interesting products, that can stimulate your creative juices. Jambo,

Want some great source of new product or company ideas. Check out



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