Let us drink to Marketing 2.0

16 Jul

Wine is a good social lubricant. It allows and encourages dialogue and so are  the blogs.

Conversations, Dialogue and Interaction are necessary for a company to find out what its customers are thinking.

I came across this story about Stormhoek using blogs to communicate with its customer community.


I have to confess I am not a expert when it comes to wines. Except for , Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon I do not know a lot about wines. I am often confused as to what goes with which food and mostly stick to our hostesses’ recommendations.

has targeted this group of people who are not gifted with great wine-knowledge. And where can you find these customers who do not follow conventions or don’t even bother to know about them. Well, what else can more represent this group than blogs and bloggers. And that’s exactly where Stormhoek went.

They sent a bottles of their wines to a group of bloggers. Who subsequently discussed these in their blogs: opinions good or bad started a dialogue. And the rest, as they say in show-biz, is a history.

Interestingly I found out about this story while I was reading a blog: and then later on I heard this podcast for the background story.

So next time when you are looking for newer, more social (read web 2.0), interactive, and cost effective ways to promote your products do consider blogs.

Blogs are not only an effective way of stating external dialogues but also they will facilitate an internal shift in the way we look at our markets and customers.

This customer-company dialogue is the first step in Product Management 2.0; eventually it can lead to the customer becoming the creator or at least the co-creator of your products.




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