Be visible or invisible, that is the question

13 Jan

The other day when I was going to work in the morning, I noticed a very interesting thing. A girl was crossing the road. Right before her a man crossed the road and went on the other side. The walk sign was blinking and counting numbers in backward order to let the pedestrians know how much time to cross the street. 

I noticed that the girl took slightly longer to cross the road than the man, though she appeared to be younger than him.

It appeared that she wanted this time, where all the people stopped on the red signal to see her. She wanted to be visible. while the man before her just wanted to cross the road and get out of the way of people. It appears that he wanted to invisible, offering least difference to the routines of other people.

I began wondering. so how much of our desire to visible or not can affect our behavior. How much of that reward or deny us the bounties of life?

More I thought about it more it became obvious that the desire to be invisible is as much in existence as much is the desire to be visible. Rather it appears that desire to be invisible is more prevalent. Or should I dare say that some groups appear to be more wanting the visibility and hence their behaviors adjust accordingly.

If I can blanket apply my observations then here are few generalized statements:

  • Some cultures appear to desire invisibility
  • Some cultures don’t mind either
  • some cultures will risk everything to be visible

This desire of visibility or lack of it can then show itself in various places.

visible or not

Tradition maintainers, accountants, marketing folks, sales, programmers, dreamers, coffee-club members, water cooler philosophers, idea-managers, action-man, or why don’t you sms me types.


One Response to “Be visible or invisible, that is the question”

  1. Tahir January 31, 2008 at 5:48 pm #

    Deep observation. What can I say more?

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