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This is the Bee version of the post

18 May

Hey there we are coming.



Indian House Boat

The fountains of money

14 Sep

What would you say if I tell you that the water fountains in this picture below are running on money?

Data Fountain

You might think that I am being philosophical about life and things like that. You might even accuse of me being a fan of Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey. But it isn’t the case.

These fountains are working from a live data feed of currency rates. Its refreshed every five seconds, so you can see the fluctuation in the market. (At the moment dollar is not doing well against Yen and Euro.)

What a great way to visually present information. I have talked about Visual Thinking in my last post, but this is taking things a little real-life. Its almost like information becoming alive. Now that’s a wonderful way to present information.

Behind the scene, these fountains are getting data from Internet, that data is fed into processors in embedded devices controlling these fountains. So a machine is talking to another machine and it then interfaces with our world through expressions of water.

Ah! poetry of M2M, mashups, interface design, user experience, embedded devices and beauty.

Now that’s what I call visual Thinking.


Laughter the best medicine

30 Jan

Here is a video that will make you laugh.

It’s real, no reality TV type real.

Warning:  you might bend with pain so sit tight, turn the volume on, and enjoy.

Queen West | Art Crawl

17 Sep

I attended the Queen West Art Crawl festival yesterday. I am impressed by the talent of various artists. There were paintings, photographs, sculptures, textiles, prints and mixed media.

I see these wonderful artists and I spoke to some of them. They share the thought behind their work and their passions. But a strange feeling I got from talking to most of them: They are struggling.

It could be that Art Crawl attracted relatively new artists, hence they are struggling. Or is it general Toronto style : Trying to be something while still not ready-enough or big-enough. It would be interesting to see how artists are in other cities in Canada and US or in the world.

Do artists always struggle?

Is struggle a part of the feeling we seek when we chose to be an artist while we could very well be, say, an accountant? Is struggling artist is a reality created by our own desires? Is it part of creative process – struggling?

I am getting these thoughts on the basis of a simple theory that all of these artists could market their skills in various similar areas and hence make a decent living while still producing good art. Say for example a photographer can work freelance for an ad agency or a painter can learn flash skills.

I saw Katherine Bassett’s work displayed at a local Starbucks and she also has a website as well. Interestingly she also does the commissions (i.e. work for other people). I have never met her, don’t know her, but my connection is simple Starbucks > her website > mention in my blog.

May be a bit of lateral thinking could help.

Thanks Sacha for telling me about this event, I promise never to be late again, ever.

My Journalism Quest: Writing for Magazines class at Ryerson University

14 Sep

I attended my first class of Magazine Writing this Tuesday. Margarette Webb is going to teach us the craft of magazine writing. My first impression of our class and teacher are great. Looks like a bunch of talented passengers in a ships whose captain knows where to take us.

I liked the introduction part, where we were supposed to share a “powerful moment” in our life along with our names and day jobs. Its interesting how people find different things interesting, impact-full in their life. It was good.

Mine, fluid as I am, fluid as I have been, was an introduction started with usual “this is the way to pronounce my name”. I am glad that nobody will call me by a name that I don’t consider my very own. One step towards self recognition, I guess.

My impact moment was VoV. (I will talk about it sometimes later.)

Final part of the class was to interview one of the class fellows about their moment. Geoff and I set out to talk about it in bar nearby.

Once we were done with our interview Geoff said “Its easy to interview than being interviewed”. I have different take on that. I felt it was easy to be interviewed and I felt a little “intruding” when I was asking questions. Hopefully this is a phase thing and will go away with more interviews I do.

Before the class I had a coffee with my friend in processAsim. Asim has already taken Margaret’s class last semester. He shared these words of advice “If you will write the way you speak, then you will get a lot of editing from Margaret.”

So here I am learning from the craftswoman(c)- is there a word like that if not I want a copyright. Hopefully I will confront my fears, learn to accept and improve upon criticism, and move along.

I know it will change my life. 

When a student is ready a teacher shows up.

10 Sep

So I am ready, ready for the next phase in my life.
Life 2.0. Media, Ideas, Words, Images, Movements, Rythm, HPM, Markets, Arts, Senses.
Put them all together, mesh them all together.